Blog 8: Video Game Controversies

"Video game controversies are societal and scientific arguments about whether or not the content of video games can change the behavior and attitudes of a player.” (Wikipedia)

1. Mortal Combat Fatalities: These “finishing moves” in this game were thought to be too violent and too gory for players. Tearing or chopping off heads, ripping skulls and spines out of opponents may be a bit extreme. (

2. Voyeurism (Night Trap): In this game,you play as a hero who watches young women via hidden cameras as they are chased throughout a scary house by several villains A game that people thought this game was “ a sick game that encourages the capture and torture of women.” But the whole point was to save them. (

3.   Grand Theft Auto (1997): This game was extremely controversial from its very earliest game because it let players do just about anything and everything while portraying criminals (

4. Bioshock: In this game, you are a little possessed girl who goes around killing others in order to survive. This game had all sorts of complaints. (

5. Wii U Sales: Most people think the wii u was a bust compared to it’s predecessor. But with Super Smash Bros. coming out in a few months, it’s bound to put the Wii U in the spotlight. (

Blog 7: Unfair Law

Blog 6 Op-Ed Article

This article shows how playing video games can benefit one’s health. Mainly the Nintendo Wii, a video game console that encourages active movement and physical action. A test was done to see how many calories were burned by playing 2 types of video games: Xbox games (which don’t require physical movement) and Nintendo Wii games. 

 ”At rest, the children expended an average of about 72 calories per hour. Playing the Xbox game increased the average to 107. Wii tennis consumed 179 calories per hour, and Wii boxing 174 — both significant increases over the Xbox game.” This test proves that playing video games can benefit someone’s health.


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Blog 5: RadioLab

This Podcast is called “What Does Technology Want?” It discusses what ideas mean and where they come from. Like, for instance, how ideas sometimes come in dreams, or how the “lightbulb above the head” in cartoons represents ideas And how technology is made and created through ideas and thought.

Technology is anything that can help or benefit mankind. From the iPhone, to the chair. For example, Steve Johnson (the man asking the question) ofter refers to the “spoon” as technology. And he asks “what does it want?” Well it does what he wants it to do. “I pick it up, dip it in some soup, bring it to my mouth, suck on it, and i’m having some soup.”

While Video Games aren’t technically helpful to mankind, they provide us with entertainment and a good time, Video games nowadays are being designed with “Multiplayers” in mind. Multiplayer means “more than one player in a game” With technology continuously evolving with the times, video games will become even more advanced than ever before!  


Blog 4 - Best Argument

I think the “Super Smash Bros.” Series is the best of the Fighting Genre in video games. It brings together all of Nintendo’s stars to have an all-out battle. Such as Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon and so many more.  And in the latest games, stars from other companies are joining the brawl. Like MegaMan (Capcom), Sonic the Hedgehog(Sega), and Pac-Man(Namco). It’s are game everyone can enjoy!

Blog #3 Article

In this Article, “Women Get in on the Action in Video Games”, written by Stephen Heyman on September 10th 2014, Stephen describes how women are just as good at video game than men. Studies show that women make up 48% of the gaming population all over the world! He wrote this in order to prove that video games aren’t just for dudes. This article was written to gamers to show that both men and women can be gamers.

Blog #2: My First Time at GOKU

I first heard about GOKU (Gamers OKutztown University) at the Kutztown Orientation during the summer. I saw a poster about it in the cafeteria, but at the time, I didn’t know the name of the club. A few weeks after I moved into Kutztown, I went to the first meeting on Wednesday. It was so cool how all the games were set up on different screens and projectors. They had Project M ( a fan made recreation of “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” featuring characters from older versions of the game) on 2 projectors, “Guitar Hero” and “Mario Kart 8” on smaller TVs, and they also had card and board games on several tables. It was so much fun meeting all new people and being able to challenge them at my favorite games. They also hold different tournaments and you could win cool prizes. I look forward to attending all future meetings and having fun.

Blog #1 Introduction

My name is Sean Radzwilka. I am currently a freshmen at Kutztown University. And in accordance with my English Class, all students are to pick one topic and start a blog about it. My topic for this semester will be Video Games. They are something I grew up with all my life, and now I get to share how great they are to my fellow students. In this blog, I will be discussing the different types of video games, and completing my English assignments, but talking about video games in the process. I hope all of my followers enjoy this blog.

Types of Video Games (Part 1)

Video Games come in many different types and Genres. Here’s a list of some of what kind of Video Games there are, how they’re defined, and some examples:

Action- This Genre focuses fast-paced gameplay, combat, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. Example: Mass Effect(url) and Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time(url)

Adventure- These Video Games tell the story of its character or characters on a literal adventure. Examples: Watch Dogs(url) and Red Dead Redemption(url).

Fighting- These games focus on fighting another player. They usually focus entirely on combat. Examples: Street Fighter(url) and Super Smash Bros(url).

Racing-This Genre usually consists of vehicles competing against other vehicles on a series of different tracks, where the goal is to reach the end before everyone else. Examples: Mario Kart(url) and Need for Speed(url).

Role Playing Games(RPGs)- These are the games in which one or more players take on an imagined persona. This genre of gaming generally puts the player in direct control of a character, or group of characters, abilities, items, or skills. The RPGs is known for their stories of epic proportions and long length. Examples: Pokemon(url) and World of Warcraft(url).